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      I'm a freelance concept artist and illustrator working in games and film industry. My clients include Marvel Studios, Warner Bros, Legendary Pictures, Thunder Road Pictures, Naughty Dog, Ubisoft and many more. You can find most of my work at and plese follow me on my facebook page 

      "Illustration Unchained" series is a case study of one of those super detailed, action packed key arts that must show many thing at once. It can be a bit of a struggle to balance design, action, storytelling and high detail rendering in one piece so this tutorial is a step by step process of me handling all those themes and fusing them into one huge illustration. Its my first tutorial on this scale so please be forgiving for any mistakes I have made. If you could think about my occasional lack of vocabulary and funny accent as an adorable rather than annoying thing, I'm sure you will be able to learn something from this series ;] Let me know if you have any comets, suggestions ideas for Illustration Unchained Season Two (if you even want a season two ) and above all, enjoy those videos I even try to be funny while explaining things but you know... being funny is a subjective thing.